Evidence to International Bar Association

Thu, 14. Nov 19 - Fri, 14. Nov 21


Date: Thursday, 14. November 2019 - Friday, 14. November 2921

Time: 12 o'clock


Location: Canada


Zip and city:


UN Human Rights
UN Human Rights Council
International Bar Association
International Criminal Court
Canadian Government


Everything is clear.

They are so panic and afraid of what I provided to International Bar Association .

Please see this photo below:

They are hacking this website, which is the last "stop" for me and for us because I can't find anything they don't hack.

No one can open " Comments " under the title " International Bar Association " except me after I provided this website to UN, International Human Rights Community, International Criminal Court and Canadian Government. Actually, "Comments" contains emails from UN, International Human Rights Community, and International Criminal Court; evidence.

What happened and what are happening?

They are hacking, blocking, filtering UN, International Human Rights Community, International Criminal Court and everything I am using regardless of international law and International order.

What torturers hide must be truth, evil,and crimes.

Fight for my life being threatened ; fight against ongoing torture, terror and murder , I am not alone and I need your help.

Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture


Please forward this to International Bar Association by fax and sr-torture@ohchr.org
, thanks.

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